Some tips for getting ready to sell your home

First impressions are very important to buyers. So what can you do to help make your home stand out compared to similar homes on the market? The first thing you need to do is consider your home from the eyes of the buyer. You've lived in your home for many years and have learned to adjust to the imperfections in your home, but these items will be on display for buyers to see. Buyers generally want everything done and updated. While others may be willing to consider doing the updating themselves but will reduce their offer to take their cost into account.

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Call in professionals for roof, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical repairs.

To save cost, do painting, decluttering, cleaning (including windows, bathrooms, and kitchens), and yard work (both front and back) and trimming. For more complicated repairs, such as electrical, plumbing, roof, and air conditioning; call in a professional.

The most important thing is to think like a buyer when you are ready to sell. It is particularly important to remember that there is a difference in what your home is worth to you and what your home is worth to the buyer. Use your Realtor to visit the competition and see what you need to do to effectively compete with them; either by making improvements to your home, or in the pricing of your home.