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Key features Gen X'ers look for when they buy a house - AZ Republic

1. Larger layouts with flexibility. Some Gen X'ers are just looking to accommodate their family, while others may be seeking a multi-generational dwelling that can suit both a family and maybe a back-from-college kid or a kid who's living at home while going to college. For those folks, a home with a basement may be ideal.

2. Some outdoor space. A lot of these folks also want larger lots, which aren't getting easier to find as building styles are going to smaller footprints on small lots.

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Lots of new construction homes offer amenities desired by Gen X'ers

3. Not necessarily a newer neighborhood. Gen X'ers like to stay close to where they sold a home previously, even if it means they move within only a mile or so of their prior dwelling.

4. A little bit of luxury. A lot of folks in their 40s and 50s, many still with kids at home, are making the move to move-up homes, that luxury market that starts at around $500,000.

5. "Green" living features. A desire for environmentally friendly features, which might include such items as solar panels, low-flow shower heads or energy-efficient appliances, cuts across all the demographic strata she sees, but it's "Gen X'ers who are pushing it," she said. And their demands have paid off, because lots of new construction homes offer such amenities.

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